What is CITEEC?

We are a Center for Technological Innovation in Construction and Civil Engineering (CTICCE / CITEEC in Spanish), created with the purpose of improving investigation and research in the field of construction, specifically civil engineering, from an experimental analysis approach.

Our services

CITEEC provides services of basic research, applied investigation, and assessment for enterprises and institutions.

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CITEEC has the infrastructure necessary to undertake large scale testings, at the level of the most advanced centers within Europe.

It was not until 2000 when Galicia (and even Spain in some aspects) started counting with a laboratory capable of carrying out large-scale testings in Civil Engineering, making it no longer necessary to leave the Autonomous Community for such purposes, which was the only option to make any kind of scientific work in that area until that year. CITEEC covered this gap and equates Universidade da Coruña with other institutions, both national and international, which count which laboratories where the most advanced research takes place, and therefore so do social, technical and economical benefits.

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