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Study spaces

The different libraries of the UDC offer, as a whole, around 3,400 study seats to consult their collections.
In some cases there are specific areas to consult special collections (rare books, microforms ...) and periodicals.


Borrowing is regulated by the University of A Coruña Library Borrowing Policy, approved by the University Library Advisory Board on November 17, 2008.

To use this service, users must present their UDC card (or DNI or passport) to prove that they belong to any of the groups of people related in point 2 of the Borrowing Policy.

All materials belonging to the library collections are subject to loan. However, some documents, for use, antiquity or preservation reasons, may only be consulted in the library premises (Item 4 of the Borrowing Policy).

The number of works that can be borrowed and the length of the loan vary depending on the status of the user:





Degree, 1.º e 2.º cycle and senior students; PAS



PhD students



Master, end of degree project or end of career students



PDI, visiting teachers


Academic year

Research fellowships and hired research investigators


Academic year

Credited external users





The borrowing period for any document can be renewed as long as no other user has requested it. Renewals can be done online through 'My account', by phone or in person in any of the university libraries. The new borrowing period begins when the renewal is effective.


Items on loan can be recquested by any user. To request and reserve a document, enter 'My account' or ask the library staff. Reservations expire 48 hours after the item has been returned to the library and the user has been notified by email. The number of reservations cannot exceed the number of items a user can have on loan.

My account

This tool allows users to know the status of their loans, make reservations, renewals, check the history of loans, etc. Access to 'My account'.

Intercentre Loan

There is a delivery service among all the UDC libraries so that users can have access to the whole library collection without leaving their faculty or school. Any user can request this service.

The intercentre loan conditions will be the same as those of the home loan.

Once the document arrives at the  requesting library, it will be kept on the day of its receipt and the next, and it will be returned to the original library on the third day if the user has not collected it.

E-readers Loan

This service is restricted to the members of the university community. The length of the loan will be 15 days, which may be renewed once for another 15 day period, unless requested by another user. The e-reader shall always be returned in the library where it was borrowed. The borrower is responsible for the e-reader and the devices that are delivered with it (card, cable, usb and case); these must be returned under the same conditions in which they have been delivered. The user shall make a respectful use of the material and  must not modify its settings or change the contents of the card.

To use this service, you must fill this form.

At the moment, the only library of the UDC that counts with this service is:

  • Faculty of Educational Studies Library

Laptops Loan

This service is restricted to members of the university community. The length of the loan will be four hours, although it can be renewed by another four, unless requested by another user. The borrower is responsible for the laptop and will have to return it under the same conditions in which it was delivered. If a malfunction of the equipment is detected, the user must immediately notify the library staff.

At the moment, the following libraries of the UDC count with this service:

  • School of Technical Architecture Library
  • Polytechnic University School Library
  • Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education Library
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Library

To use this service, you must fill this form.

For more information, consult the Loan Guide or ask the Library staff.