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Consultation room

The different libraries of the UDC center offer, as a whole, around 3,400 reading stations, to consult their funds.

In some cases there are rooms for the consultation of special materials (old background, microforms ...) and news libraries for the query of periodicals.


The loan is governed by the Loan Regulations of the Library Service of the University of A Coruña, approved by the University Library commission on November 17, 2008.

To access this service, it is necessary to present the user card (or DNI or passport) that proves that it belongs to any of the groups of people related in point 2 of the Loan Rules.

All UDC bibliographic materials are subject to loan. Some documents, for reasons of use, antiquity or preservation, may only be consulted in the library. (Item 4 of the Loan Rules).

The number of works that can be requested on loan and the duration of the latter, varies according to the type of user:





Grade students, 1.º e 2.º cycle and senior; PAS



PhD students



Student of masters, end of degree project or end of career



PDI, visiting teachers



Research fellowship personnel and recruited research personnel



External authorized users





The period of loan of all documents can be renewed whenever another user did not request them. The renewal can be done through 'My registration', by phone or personally in any of the libraries. The renewal date is counted from the day it is requested.

Pódese renovar o período de préstamo de tódolos documentos sempre que outro usuario non os solicitase. A renovación pódese facer a través de 'O meu rexistro', por teléfono ou persoalmente en calquera das bibliotecas. Contabilízase a data de renovación a partir do día no que ésta é solicitada.


The documents that are provided can be reserved by any user. To request a copy of a copy, enter 'My registration' or go to the staff in your library. The reservations expire 48 hours after being received in the library and the user is notified by email. You can make as many reservations as copies can be borrowed.

My registration

.This option allows each user to know the status of their loans, make reservations, renewals, check the history of loans, etc. Access to 'My registration'.


Intercenter Loan

In order for any user to access the funds of all UDC libraries without having to travel, the intercenter loan exists. Any user may request an intercenter loan from any library.

The intercenter loan conditions will be the same as the home equity loan.

Once the document arrives, it will be reverted to the requesting library on the day of its receipt and the next, and it will be returned to the library borrower on the third day.


Loan of e-book readers

The UDC library offers this restricted service to members of the university community. The duration of the loan will be 15 days and may be renewed for another 15, if there are no waiting list users. The reader will always have to be returned to the library where the loan was made. The user is responsible for the reader that is carried on loan and the devices that are delivered with it (card, cable, usb and case), must return it under the same conditions in which it has received and make a respectful use of the material and not modify it Settings or change the contents of the card.

To make use of this loan, you must complete this request.


At the moment, the following library of the UDC counts on service of loan of readers of electronic books:

  • Faculty of Educational Studies Library

Loan of laptops

This service is restricted to members of the university community and the duration of the loan will be four hours, although it can be renewed by four others, if there are no waiting list users. The user is responsible for the laptop that is borrowed and will have to devote it to the same conditions in which it was received. If a malfunction of the equipment is detected, you must immediately notify the library staff.

At the moment, the following libraries of the UDC have loan of portable computers:

  • University College of Technical Architecture Library
  • Polytechnic University College Library
  • Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education Library
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Library


To make use of this loan, you must complete this request.

For more information, consult the Loan Guide or visit the Library staff.