Information resources

Recursos de información (c) Recursos de información

Digital collections of the library

Databases: list of databases subscribed by UDC..

Electronic journals: all journals-hired by UDC.

Electronic books: includes reference works (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.) and thematic and multidisciplinary collections.

RUC: UDC institutional repository.

Classification by subjects: electronic resources contracted by the UDC, grouped by subject.

Other electronic resources

Recursos xerais: free resources such as maps, virtual libraries, official bulletins, scientific congresses, libraries directories, dictionaries, translators, standards, patents, newspapers, doctoral theses, etc.

Resources by areas: support resources for learning and research support, free materials of interest for all disciplines and for specific subjects, aimed at students and teaching and research staff.

Thematic guides (Fiador): groupings by subject, topic or scope of all kinds of resources, from payment databases to materials in open access.

Resources in Open Access

Open Access: a movement that began with access to the source code of computer tools and that has grown to reach all areas of knowledge: text, images, science, peer review, budget. Today we have already open Culture portals.