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The UDC Library presents this course the seventh year of its User Training program. It delves into the necessary teaching of the products made available to the university community by the Library, with the main objective of getting users to use our resources more and more. As a result of the use of these will improve the quality of student learning and the research capacity of teaching and research staff (PDI).

The new courses are part of the projects of the 'user training group' of the BUDC; a new link to achieve the objective of incorporating the training offered by the library in the nuclear and transversal competences of the University. This course we will organize these sessions: "Documentary resources and utilities for final project (TFG)" -with sessions for students and PDI-, "Documentary resources and utilities for the thesis and other academic works" -focused on doctoral students and interested PDI -, "ISI vs. Scopus: the metrics of information "-of great interest for the PDI- and" Scientific networks: types and measures ". They will be taught in the Library Service (Central Library, Xoana Capdeville Building, Campus of A Coruña).

Each course lasts 10 hours: 6 classroom hours and 4 virtual hours.

Since the beginning of the courses, a credit of free election has been granted by the Vice-Rector for Research, and the granting of a credit for their own activities within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) was approved. Thus, people who complete two courses (20 hours) may request a certificate of equivalence to 1 ECTS credit.

In addition, you will also receive a 10 hour attendance diploma for each course taken.

In addition to this more specialized training, the libraries of the faculties and schools carry out presentation sessions at the beginning of the academic year, aimed mainly at new students, although the rest of the students can also attend. In them there is a brief guided tour of the library, the use of the catalog and the services offered are explained, among other things.

In-person training courses 2018-2019:

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