Thesis processing monitoring

Author Title
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Calviño Santos, Ramon Antonio Comparison of complete Percutaneous coronary revascularization vs stress-echocardiography guided coronary revascularization in patients with acute myocardial infarction and multivessel disease
Corral Bergantiños, Yoanna Developmento of a protocol of virtual reality with the objecive of the funcional rehabilitation or reaching movemento in patients with Parkinson
Corrás Arias, Manuel Ángel The foreign banking in Spain
Del Río Martín, Laura Numerical characterization of complex materials and vibro-acoustic systems
Domínguez Ruiz, Franklin Jhonny Methodology to combine fiberglass reinforced with steel structures applied to ship superstructure
Estévez Blanco, Iris Analysis of the professional development of university teacher of health sciences through learning ecologies
Figuero Pérez, Andrés Analysis and prediction tools of moored vessel behavior in loading and unloading operations. Application to Inner and Outer Ports of A Coruña
Garabato Míguez, Daniel Unsupervised outlier analysis in the Gaia space mission; optimization by means of distributed computing and integration into Apsis
García Fernández, Alicia The community of Cystoseira baccata (Fucales, Ochrophyta) in Northern Iberian Peninsula.
García Requejo, Zaida Mies at IIT. Connections between teaching and architecture
López López, Rocío Relationship between frailty phenotype and nutritional status with social factors and quality of life aspects in older adults
López Pena, Vicente Estrategia para la enseñanza gráfica visual en el nivel universitario
Martínez Doallo, Noelia The informed consent of the patient as fundamental right and subjective right
Molinari, Miguel Administrative contracts and the enrichment without cause
Montes Marroyo, Javier Regional frequency analysis of peak flows in the North Atlantic and Cantabrian aereas of Iberian Peninsula
Morán Fernández, Laura Simple but not simplistic: reducing the complexity of machine learning methods
Moron Urbina, Juan Carlos The appeal of procurement matters before specialized courts in Spain and Latin América
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Penedo Baeza, María Implementation of the safety concept in the project development in a shipyard
Pérez Gómez, Verónica English as a Lingua Franca in the Business Domain: The Case of University Spin-off Companies in Galicia
Perez Niño, Walter Fernando The justiciability of the right to education in the Inter-American and European Courts of Human Rights
Rico Rico, Jose María The senate facing a hypothetical constitutional reform: the pssible vithdrawal of the chamber of territorial representation through constitutional review
Rodríguez Carballo, Ángel Modelling and laser processing of titanium for surface engineering and alloy development applications
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Wong Meraz, Cesar Lorenzo The electoral organisms in Mexico. Features to strengthen autonomy and independence in their actions