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Goñi Artola, Aitziber Efficacy of keyword mnemonics in the acquisition of vocabulary in Basque
Iglesias Samitier, Silvia Levels and evolution of ultrafine particles of the atmospheric aerosol in a suburban area with athlantic influence
Fernández Fidalgo, Francisco Javier Computational simulation of compressible flows: A family of very efficient and highly accurate numerical methods based on Finite Differences
Bandeira, Douglas Henrique Soil surface roughness of the ground under different soil covers and management systemsof the ground
Fernández García, Laura Study of tolerance, persistence and resistance mechanisms in nosocomial pathogens: search of new treatments targets
Ojeda Romano, Gabriela Promotion of Scientific Culture in higher education institutions: strategies and means for communicating science and technology
Camacho Encina, Maria Validation of a panel of osteoarthritis biomarkers by protein microarrays
Franco Gutiérrez, Raúl Usefulness of carotid ultrasonography in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and its possible prognostic value in patients with chest pain undergoing stress echocardiography
Fraga Viñas, Lucía Adequacy of Assessment tools in Official English Certificates to the Guidelines provided by the Common European Framework for Languages: An analysis on the effective implementation of rubrics
Núñez Fiaño, María del Carmen The judicial mutualism: Protective action of the General Judicial Mutuality