José María Cardesín Díaz

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He got a PhD in History (1990) at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is a “Profesor Catedrático” (Senior Professor) of History of Political Ideas and Social Movements at the University of A Coruña. He has been there Vice-dean of the Faculty of Sociology, and coordinates Group of Territorial Studies.
He was a visitant professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), and was a visitant researcher at ISCTE (University of Lisbon), the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris) and the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales (UNAM, Mexico DF). He has given lectures at universities of USA, Mexico, France, Sweden, Greece and Portugal, and presented papers at academic meetings in those countries and also in UK, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Romania and Argentina.
With regard to research, he opted for a line of work that would allow to assess the impact of the construction of the market system and of the modern state on local life throughout the XVIII-XX century. That required to formulate, from an interdisciplinary perspective, a broad project going from the agrarian history that he practised in the 1990s, to the field of urban history where he nowadays researches.
This research has been recognized by several awards: in particular, the “Xunta de Galicia Award 1993” to the best paper on Social Sciences; and the “H.J. Dyos Prize in Urban History 2005”, by the Centre for Urban History (UK). The Spanish Ministry has acknowledged him 4 “Sexenios de Investigación”.
He has published some 85 works in the fields of history and social sciences. We would like to highlight Tierra, trabajo y reproducción social en una aldea gallega (MAPA, 1992); “Paysannerie, Marché et Etat: la structure sociale de la Galice rurale au 19e siecle” (Annales, 1996); “A Tale of Two Cities. The Memory of Ferrol, between the Navy and the Working Class” (Urban History, 2004); “Motín y magnicidio en la Guerra de la Independencia” (Historia Social, 2008); “City, Housing and Welfare in Spain, from the Civil War to Present Times” (Urban History, 2016); “Historic urbanization process in Spain (1746-2013): From the Fall of the American Empire to the Real Estate Bubble” (Journal of Urban History, 2017); and "Historia Urbana Multimedia: entre los Sistemas de Información Históricos y la Realidad Virtual" (Ayer, 2017).
He has been Director of six research projects. Nowadays he participates in the Galician Network “New Approaches to Territorial Analysis”, and the Spanish Network on the “Mobility of the Societies and Frontiers of the Iberian Worlds”.
He was early interested in the use of new technologies in history. His two last research projects implied the building of two websites: ‘Ferrol Urban History’ (in English and Spanish) that was published in Cambridge Journals Online in 2005; and ‘The Urban History of Galicia’ (in Galician, Spanish and English), coming soon.





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