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Evolutionary Biology Group


Ana González Tizón

I am interested in evolution of marine species, basically on molluscs and crustaceans. My research work deals with cytogenetics, population genetics, phylogenetics and phylogeography of some of these species. I am currently in charge of a Genetics and Forensic Genetics Course. I have also given courses on History of Genetics and Human Genetics.






rofessor (Genetics)
Evolutionary Biology Group coordinator


  • A. Perina, B.M. von Reumont, A. Martínez- Lage, A.M. González-Tizón. (2014) Accessing transcriptomic data for ecologically important genes in the goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes), with particular focus on cement proteins. Marine Genomics 15, 9-11.[pdf]
  • Rojo, V.; Giovannotti, M.; Naveira, H.; Nisi Cerioni, P.; González-Tizón, A.; Caputo Barucchi, V.; Galán, P.; Olmo, E. & Martínez, A. (2014): Karyological characterization of the endemic Iberian rock lizard, Iberolacerta monticola (Squamata, Lacertidae): insights into sex chromosome evolution. Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 142(1): 28-39.[pdf]
  • Joaquín Vierna, Joël Cuperus, Andrés Martínez-Lage, Jeroen M. Jansen, Alejandra Perina, Hilde Van Pelt & Ana M. González-Tizón (2013) Species delimitation and DNA barcoding of Atlantic Ensis (Bivalvia, Pharidae). Zoologica Scripta. doi:10.1111/zsc12038 [pdf] [supplementary material]
  • Ana M. González-Tizón, Verónica Rojo, Joaquín Vierna,  K. Thomas Jensen, Emilie Egea, Andrés Martínez-Lage (2013) Cytogenetic characterisation of the razor shells Ensis directus (Conrad, 1843) and E. minor (Chenu, 1843) (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Helgol Mar Res 67:73-82[pdf]
  • Joaquín Vierna, K. Thomas Jensen, Ana M. González-Tizón, Andrés Martínez-Lage (2012) Population genetic analysis of Ensis directus unveils high genetic variation in the introduced range and reveals a new species from the NW Atlantic. Mar Biol 159:2209-2227 [pdf]
  • Alejandra Perina, David Seoane, Ana M González-Tizón, Fernanda Rodríguez-Fariña and Andrés Martínez-Lage: Molecular organization and phylogenetic analysis of 5S rDNA in crustaceans of the genus Pollicipes reveal birth-death evolution and strong purifying selection. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, 11:304. [pdf]
  • Varela MA, Martínez-Lage A, González-Tizón AM (2011) Genetic heterogeneity in natural beds of the razor clam Ensis siliqua revealed by microsatellites. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 92:171-177.[pdf]
  • Miguel Vizoso; Joaquín Vierna; Ana M. González-Tizón; Andrés Martínez-Lage (2011) The 5S rDNA gene family in mollusks: characterization of transcriptional regulatory regions, prediction of secondary structures, and long-term evolution, with special attention to Mytilidae mussels. Journal of Heredity 102:433-447 [pdf] [supplementary material]
  • Joaquín Vierna, K. Thomas Jensen, Andrés Martínez-Lage, and Ana. M. González-Tizón. The linked units of 5S rDNA and U1 snDNA of razor shells (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Pharidae). Heredity 1-16 1-16 doi:10.1038/hdy.2010.174 [pdf] [supplementary material]
  • Joaquín Vierna, Andrés Martínez-Lage, and Ana M. González-Tizón (2010) Analysis of ITS1 and ITS2 sequences in Ensis razor shells: suitability as molecular markers at the population and species level, and evolution of these ribosomal DNA spacers.  Genome 53:23-34.[pdf]
  • Miguel A. Varela, Andrés Martínez-Lage, Ana M. González-Tizón (2009) Temporal genetic variation of microsatellite markers in the razor clam Ensis arcuatus (Bivalvia: Pharidae). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 89:1703-1707 [pdf]
  • Joaquín Vierna, Ana M. González-Tizón and Andrés Martínez-Lage (2009) Long-Term evolution of 5S ribosomal DNA seems to be driven by birth-and-death processes and election in Ensis razor shells (Mollusca: Bivalvia) Biochemical Genetics 47:635-644.[pdf]
  • González-Tizón A M, Fernández-Moreno M, Vasconcelos P, Gaspar M B and Martínez-Lage A (2008) Genetic diversity in fishery-exploited populations of the banded murex (Hexaplex trunculus) from the southern Iberian Peninsula. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2008.06.013 [pdf]
  • Varela M A, Sanmiguel R, González-Tizón A and Martínez-Lage A (2008) Heterogeneous Nature and Distribution of Interruptions in Dinucleotides May Indicate the Existence of Biased Substitutions Underlying Microsatellite Evolution. Journal of Molecular Evolution 66: 575–580. [pdf]
  • Fernández-Tajes J, Martínez-Lage A, Freire R, Guerra A, Méndez J and González-Tizón A M (2008) Genome sizes and karyotypes in the razor clams Ensis arcuatus (Jeffreys, 1865) and E. siliqua (Linnaeus, 1758). Cahiers de Biologie Marine 49:1 79-85. [pdf]
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  • Martínez-Lage A, González-Tizón A, Ausió J and Méndez J (1997) Karyotypes and Ag-NORs of the mussels Mytilus californianus and M. trossulus from the Pacific Canadian Coast. Aquaculture 153: 239-249. [pdf]
  • Martínez-Lage A, González-Tizón A and Méndez J (1996) Chromosome differences between European mussel populations (genus Mytilus). Caryologia 49: 343-355. [pdf]
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