In bards' land: contemporary Galician poets

(October-December 2019)

Tour of contemporary Galician poetry, from 1975 to the present day.

Galician theatre at the Theatrical Library-Archive Francisco Pillado Mayor

(June-September 2018)

How much work is behind at theatrical representation, before the curtain rises for the first time? In this exhibition we try to show it through the documentation of 4 representative works of the Galician theater: designs of costumes and set design, notes for its assembly, lighting or makeup, texts with corrections, hand programs, posters ..., material saved in the Francisco Pillado Mayor Theater Archive.

Female plural : women in fiction

(April-May 2019)

Exhibition on literary works with interesting or powerful female characters.

Mario Vargas Llosa, storyteller

(March 2019)

On the occasion of the visit of the Literature Nobel Prize winner to the University of A Coruña, we take a tour of his narrative, essay, theatrical work, as well as the prizes that bear his name.

The library in black : crime novel at Philology Library

(January-February 2019)

"In literature, crime is as old as love" (Pierre Lemaitre: "Irene"): exhibition about crime and detective novels, thrillers... from the collection of the Philology Library at the University of A Coruña.