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A Lecture by

Robert McChesney

Confusion and Ignorance: US News Media Coverage of the Islamic World

Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center, Urbana, Illinois, USA
Friday, November 2, 2001, 7:15 pm
Time length: 88 m. 45 s.

Here you'll find a recording of the lecture and the debate in two formats: WAV and MP3.  This site is only for download -- you will not be able to listen to the files in real time in this site. The recording is made public here with McChesney's permission. My thanks to him for his cooperation.

Each version (WAV and MP3) has been split with a freeware program called FileCutter 1.2, at 3.5 MB per segment, as the original files were too large for quick downloading.  Click on each link with the right button and choose Save in your hard drive in the same directory. Preserve the file names. Then click on the batch file (.BAT extension) to merge the pieces together. This works for Windows, I don't know about Mac. Files will not be sent upon request unless you're Robert McChesney himself ;-).

Sound quality is not fantastic, and only slightly better in WAV. This format allows you to easily create an audio CD (actually two); for this, you need to split and resample the files at 44.100 hz stereo, which is the standard for audio CD tracks). The MP3 version allows you to use your software equalizer (WinAmp has one) to improve sound parameters. Many audio CD players can also read MP3 files.

This site has been prepared by Celso Alvarez Cáccamo, celsoac@udc.es on Fev. 28, 2002. Thanks for visiting, and may peace, freedom and true equality rule the planet.


MP3 FORMAT (total: 15 MB) WAV FORMAT (total: 41 MB)
mcchesney2001.mp3_MERGE.BAT mcchesney2001.wav_MERGE.BAT
mcchesney2001.mp3_P001.FCU mcchesney2001.wav_P001.FCU
mcchesney2001.mp3_P002.FCU mcchesney2001.wav_P002.FCU
mcchesney2001.mp3_P003.FCU mcchesney2001.wav_P003.FCU
mcchesney2001.mp3_P004.FCU mcchesney2001.wav_P004.FCU
mcchesney2001.mp3_P005.FCU mcchesney2001.wav_P005.FCU

Última alteração: 19-06-2007

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