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Xosé María
Álvarez Blázquez


“Every language carries within itself the criteria and the distinctive elements which are sufficient for generating attitudes of identification or exclusion toward the participants in real or hypothetical interaction.”

-A. J. Greimas, “Des modèles théoriques en socio-linguistique (pour une grammaire socio-sémiotique)”, in Sémiotique et sciences sociales-

“If Béarnais (or, elsewhere, Creole) is one day spoken on formal occasions, this will be by virtue of its takeover by speakers of the dominant language, who have enough claims to linguistic legitimacy (at least in the eyes of their interlocutors) to avoid being suspected of resorting to the stigmatized language faute de mieux”.

-Pierre Bourdieu, Ce que parler veut dire-


Professor Titular de Universidade, Area of General Linguistics


Doctorate in Hispanic Philology, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Spain, 1993
Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, USA, 1991. Dissertation: The Institutionalization of Galician: Linguistic Practices, Power, and Ideology in Public Discourse, Dept. of Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley
M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, 1983
Licenciatura in Hispanic Philology, Universitat Central de Barcelona, Catalonia, 1980

Professional Interests

Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Conversation Analysis, Code-Switching, Language, Ideology, Power.

Research Projects

The ADPA Project: The Analysis of Current Public Discourse. Collection and interactional analysis of public discourse. Financed by the Galizan government, Xunta de Galicia (1994-2000)
COMTECNO: Communication and New Technologies. Financed by the Galizan government, Xunta de Galicia (2001-2004).

Courses taught

Undergraduate level Introduction to Linguistics
Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
Applied Linguistics
History and Development of Linguistic Thought
Master in Languages and Professional Applications Discourse Analysis
Ph.D. courses Language and Social Identity
Language, Social Identity, and Ideology
Language, Ideology, and Social Power
Sociolinguistic Approaches to Oral Discourse
Conversation Analysis
Language and Social Domination
Analysis of Public and Institutional Discourse
At U.C. Berkeley (1998) Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
Sociolinguistic Issues of the Iberian Peninsula

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