Helena Lopez Palma

Helena Lopez Palma received her Ph.D from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Quantification in Spanish 1990). Her research interests include topics in Formal Semantics, Minimalist Syntax, Linguistic Typology and Contemporary Music. She has concentrated her research on the scope of quantifiers, distributive determiners, questions, the quantization of events, deictic verbs, indexicals, fuzzy groups.

Recent talks:

  • "Austronesian traditional vocal music." WLP3. Manokwari, 27 January - 4 February 2014.
  • "Romance fractional numerals." 22nd Colloquium on Generative Grammar. Barcelona, 21-23 March 2012. UAB.
  • "The Semantics of the Partitive Number Phrase." 32nd TABU Dag. Groningen June 17-18 2011
  • "La gramática de los determinantes que denotan partes fraccionarias."XL Simposio Internacional de la SEL. CCHS. Madrid. 8 febrero 2011
  • "Regarding a division function as a partitive relation." CNRS-LLF. Univ. P-Diderot 17 June 2010.
  • "The Semantics of Fractional Numerals." CNRS-LLF. Univ. P-Diderot. 27 May 2010
  • "The relation between speech and song in the vocal music of New Guinea", Workshop on the Languages of Papua 2. Melanesian Languages on the Edge of Asia: Past, Present and Future. 8-12 February 2010. Manokwari, Indonesia.
  • "Las construcciones partitivas indefinidas en el español medieval y clásico", XXXIX Simposio Internacional de la SEL. Santiago de Compostela, 1-4 de febrero de 2010.
  • "The grammar of Egyptian NPs with fractional number expressions", ms. Language Typology and Egyptian-Coptic Linguistics. Egyptological Institute of the University of Leipzig. 2-5 october 2008
  • “A Minimalist Analysis for the Syntax of Indefinite NP with Cardinal Numbers”, ms. XVI Colloquium on Generative Grammar. Madrid. UAM, Residencia de Estudiantes. April 20-22, 2006