Artificial Intelligence in Business Management

Course Leader: Dr Tashfeen Ahmad

Home Institution: The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica

Course pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. General interest in business management is sufficient.

Course Overview
Technologies have changed the way we live, work and play. One of such technology which is making huge impacts is Artificial Intelligence. This introductory course will sensitise participants to the advancing role of AI in various industries. The advantages of AI are obvious, however, possible areas to be careful about will be considered too. The inclusion of this course is timely as European Union is deliberating on the role of ethics and trust in Artificial Intelligence application. The daily topics will be posted on the website and teaching method will be interactive and discussion based.

Learning Outcomes
After the course, participants will know substantially more about the artificial intelligence and related technologies. They will be able to think of different ways of utilizing them in business and prepare themselves for the future of work.

Course Content
1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
2. Introduction to other technologies e.g. robotics, machine learning, block chain etc.
3. Making connection – AI & other technologies
4. Overview of Industries: Looking at the progress
5. Examples of AI in business – Various industries
6. Examples of AI in business (Continued)
7. Movie Day
8. How to scale up in the future of work? Multiple Examples
9. How to prepare for jobs in Artificial Intelligence driven world?
10. Reflections and conclusions: The way forward!

Instructional Method
Lectures, class discussions, case examples, videos  

Required Course Materials
Material is available on lecturer's website:

Class participation: 50%

Oral Final Exam: 25%

Individual Exercise: 25%