The Power of Persuasion and Negotiation Skill

Course Leader: Dr Halina Wisniewska

Home Institution: Kozminski University, Poland

Course pre-requisites: None

Course Overview
Power of Persuasion

What makes a politician deliver a winning speech? What makes a Ted Talk presenter get a standing ovation? What makes a successful salesperson exceed the sales targets?

There is one answer to all these questions: the power of persuasion- an essential life skill. Effective influencers have the power to make others listen, to change others’ attitudes and opinions, to influence others’ behaviours without ordering or threatening them.

The objective of the course is to allow the participants to become skilled in the art of persuasion in various situations, should they be private or professional. During the classes, run in a form of workshops, we shall among others:

- Watch and analyse some great speeches

- Identify and discuss tools of persuasion used in rhetoric for centuries

- Discuss the secrets of success of J. Belfort’s team (The Wolf of Wall Street).

Negotiation Skills

One of the most important skills anyone can hold in daily life is the ability to negotiate. In general terms, a negotiation is a resolution of conflict or resolve an issue. Negotiating is an "art". Some people may be naturally more skilful as negotiators, but everyone can learn to negotiate because everything is negotiable. Some techniques and skills aid people in the negotiating process and in this course we will review important techniques and skills to learn before negotiating. We will also examine certain tactics your opponents may use at the negotiating table. This workshop is designed to prepare students for negotiating in the business world, but it will also help to achieve personal goals in everyday life.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to make persuasive/ motivational/ inspirational speeches and feel more confident when participating in negotiations.

Course Content

Power of Persuasion

  1. The nature of human communication.
  2. Basic communication skills.
  3. Power vs Influence
  4. Rhetorical devices
  5. Non-verbal elements in persuasion
  6. Building credibility
  7. Persuasion triggers
  8. Skills of a master salesperson
  9. Persuasive presentations and speeches
  10. Practical assignments

Negotiation Skills

  1. Definition of negotiations
  2. Process - the main steps
  3. How to prepare ourselves
  4. Research and analytical approach
  5. Personal potential evaluation, My strong and weak points - what I can improve,
  6. How to negotiate - style and techniques, Self "defendo" strategy,
  7. How to run the debate (Hunting for signals, Much more than compromise - out of the box solution, Proposal rules, Transaction - how to conclude)
  8. Negotiation as a building network strategy, Follow up - relations after, How to become a strong winner, Build prospect cooperative future

Instructional Method

Classes will be run in a form of workshops and interactive lectures.

Required Course Materials

Reading: HBR The Power of Persuasion

Gavin Kenedy - Pocket Negotiation

Fisher, Ury - Getting to yes ury

Additional authors: Fowler, Alan; Gesteland, Richard R.; Mastenbroek, Willem; Nierenberg, Gerard.

Assesment will include practical assignments on which individual feedback will be given.