The University Institute of Research in Irish Studies Amergin has always provided the academic community with a wide range of courses. From the very beginning of the University Institute, the English Language School was created in order to fulfil the linguistic and cultural necessities of students and teachers. In the last years, our research team has worked to broaden the varied possibilities of teaching. Amongst the most important courses which have been held, we could highlight:

Posgraduate Course in Irish Studies "Expert on Irish Studies"
Summer Course "Guided reading of James Joyce's Ulysses".
Scientific and Technical English Courses CCSS at the local Hospital "Complejo Hospitalario Juan Canalejo"
Ph. D. Online Programme on Irish Studies.

Currently, the University Institute of Research in Irish Studies Amergin offers students two new postgraduate courses:


Máster en traducción y nuevas tecnologías. Traducción de software y productos multimedia















Máster en traducción especializada