Business Communication

Course Leader: Dr Tinatin Rodonaia

Home Institution: Georgian Technical University

Course pre-requisite: A minimum of B2 level of English

Course Overview
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of business communication and gives students the opportunity to develop communication skills. Students will discover how business communication differs from personal and social communication. The course includes simple three-step writing process that works for all types of writing and speaking projects, both in university and on the job. Along the way, students will gain valuable insight into ethics, etiquette, listening, teamwork, and nonverbal communication. Plus, effective strategies for many different types of communication challenges on the job, from routine messages about transactions to complex reports and websites.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Business Communication course, students are expected to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of:

  • effective business writing
  • effective business communications
  • research approaches and information collection
  • developing and delivering effective presentations
  • effective interpersonal communications
  • skills that maximise team effectiveness
  • good time management
  • effective problem solving

Course Content

  • Understanding the foundations of business communication
  • Success through Effective Business Communication
  • Applying the three-step writing process, Planning Business Massages Quiz #2
  • Writing and completing business messages
  • Midterm Exam;
  • Writing routine, positive, negative messages
  • Finding, evaluating and processing information
  • Developing Oral and online presentation Quiz #2
  • Writing employment messages and interviewing for jobs
  • Final Project Presentations

Instructional Method

During the course I will be using:

  • case studies (after theoretical issues students will be exposed to real-life situations, cases to identify the problems and find the solutions, make decisions accordingly with team members as well as individually)
  • discussions, pair/ group work/role plays/ simulations
  • student centred lectures when they will be able to express themselves and bring examples from their experience
  • The audio-visual method using videos, clips, movies for diversity

Required Course Materials

Business communication today Courtland L. Bovée, John V. Thill. Tenth Edition

It is possible to use Learning Management System LMS

During the lectures, it is necessary to have a computer, a projector for the powerpoint presentations.

Expected Workload

The course is expected to be intensive with daily classes (two hours a day). This consists of 42 hours of classes, divided in two weeks (from 22nd July to 2nd August); outside classes during teaching weeks spent reading, studying and writing assignments, and revising during mid-term and study week.

Students' active participation is based on continuous evaluation principles of gained knowledge and skills. Evaluation of the student’s work efforts spent involves midterm evaluations and final evaluation. Maximum evaluation for the studied course is 100 points. A pass mark of at least 51 points.
The course will consist of one midterm exam in the fifth class and two quizzes, Final project presentation. As for the rest of the classes students will be assessed on every class. Participation in class is essential for learning and improving the classroom experience for everyone. Students are expected to participate actively in the class by asking questions, responding to questions asked, sharing relevant experiences and knowledge, and engaging in debate with others. Attendance at class sessions will be mandatory. Attendance is taken at each class session. Attendance does not guarantee participation points. Participation points are granted to those students who demonstrate their knowledge of the course materials, help others to better understand course content.

Participation (group work, discussions, assignments, case study) 40

Quiz 1-15

Quiz 2 -15

Midterm Exam 20

Final Project Presentation 10