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Aba González, Lucía Matilde Economic and financial value of Asset and Own resources, based on benefits and flows of Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña S.A.D.
Abad Barreiro, Laura I take care of myself, I take care of you: keeping wellfare. Assistance program for caregivers of dependent elders with Down´s syndrome
Abad Bouzas, Ana Isabel Legal consequences of injuries on the workplace
Abad Fernández, David Statistical techniques applied to social networks and sentiment analysis: Volkswagen case
Abad Freire, Elvira An approach to the parishes of the municipality of Abegondo (Galicia). Didactic proposal for 2º P.E.
Abad Hermidas, Laura Hip hop: Reivindication or mode. Analysis of the rap music message and its social impact
Abad Itoiz, Nerea Luxury tourism in Marbella: A case study on accommodation facilities and other services
Abad Palmeiro, Laura OMA AND PRADA: scenographies for fashion
Abad Taboada, Tamara Delirium in Intensive Care Unit: a literature review
Abadín Pardo, Lara Reconciliation of family and work life
Abadín Suárez, Francisco Manuel Oza’s beach extensión and Valina’s shipyard land urbanization
Abal Augusto, Xiana Adoption and school
Abal Bonilla, Sofía Efficacy of plantar orthoses and extracorporeal shock waves in the treatment of plantar fasciitis
Abal Crespo, Carmen María Non -verbal communication: influence on the quality of the care anda patient comfort in the operating room. Analysis and suggestions for improvement.
Abal Durán, Alba Efficacy of a therapeutic exercise protocol in patients with Parkinson Disease: research project
Abal Durán, Antía Lumbar motor control test: differences between subjects with and no pain, and interobserver reliability between novices and experts: a pilot study
Abal Magariños, Daniel Housing for the director of the Sargaledos Ceramic Industrial Center-O Castro.Sada
Abal Rey, Pablo Self- perception of multiple sclerosis: the person facing their occupations
Abalde Bastero, Nazaret Social structure and patterns of indebtedness: an approach from the sociology of credit
Abalo García, Alexandro Time management application for projects from a technology company
Abalo Martínez, Javier Systematic review about respiratory diseases and lung capacity in wind musicians
Abalo de Dios, María Inclusive education of the student body with disability in Spain
Abeijón Piñeiro, Alba SEAT VENTO - SEAT DUO Chariot Concept
Abelaira Blanco, Lucía Socio-Educational: ADHD
Abeledo Cortizas, Pedro Project for a cultural, sports and ethnographic route in the Os Ancares area, Cervantes (Lugo)
Abeledo Insua, Fátima Analysis and comparison of the self-concept and the self- esteem of the students of 1st course and 6th course of Primary Education
Abeledo Leal, Miguel Renovation of the footballfield of Verducido (Pontevedra)
Abeledo Manteiga, María New accommodation concepts focused on water activities
Abeledo Maquieira, Víctor Analysis and outlook for the banking sector from 2008 to banking union
Abeledo Vázquez, Lorena the impact of educational needs in the family from the family's and the teacher's perspective
Abeleira Gude, Carlos Combined heat and power plant for cold ironing recovery of exahust flue gas.
Abelenda Bouzas, Patricia Design of a falls’ prevention program for elderly people who live in a rural area
Abella Abad, Kevin Architecture on the edge of the sea: Carpentry for boat building training center as an activator of the coastal space. Punta Touro (Ribeira)
Abella Abad, Steffan Architecture to the edge of the sea: accommodation, meeting and public space in Corcubión
Abella Armada, Nerea The portrait in education: interpretating, experimenting, learning and enyoing
Abella Freire, Noelia Therapeutic communication in Nursing at the end of life in the Emergency Department. Qualitative study of the needs of family members
Abella Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Polyhedral benchmarking in Python
Abella González, Xoel Separation Anxiety: Intervention proposal for the second cycle of pre-school period
Abella Mantiñán, Nildes Study of an investment strategy based on financial options: Short Iron Condor
Abella Mantiñán, Nildes Testamentary clauses: indignity to inherit, right of representation and hereditary community
Abella Míguez, Beatriz Me, myself and Frida
Abella del Valle, Beatriz The multilevel system: a type of direct sale
Abelleira Fernández, Rocío Right to refugee's asylum: a perspective from Development Education
Aboal Barreiro, Ana María Teacher’s Level of Digital Competence in the Problem-Solving area: a Study with 4th Grade Students in Early Childhood Education.
Aboy Piñeiro, María Dorinda Basic and execution project for the refurbishment of a single-family house in Bagüín, township of Marín (Pontevedra)
Abuelo Caamaño, Alba Alternative leisure in youth: a study of the Project Naves del Metrosidero in A Coruña
Abuin Osorio, María del Pilar Insolvency aspects of a company dedicated to electronic components
Abuín Redondo, María Evaluation, therapeutic program and speech therapy in a case of dysphagia and dysglossia
Abuín Sanjuán, Marcelo The other in the Eye: A Transgeneric Approach to the Neo-Baroque Monster
Acción García, Emilio Walkway over the Trinchera road, Ferrol
Acción Montes, Adrián 2D testing machine to determine mesh resistance to opening of netting panels
Acebal Martínez, Jaime Marina in Lorbé
Acebo Ben, Cristina Efficacy of ultrasound debridement in diabetic ulcers.
Acerete Pacheco, Adrián Effectiveness of conservative treatments for the improvement of ankle ROM in patients with Chronic Instability.
Acordagoitia Saavedra, Susana Efficacy of conservative treatments in Morton's disease: systematic review
Acosta Borrás, Alicia Issues regarding mental illness
Acosta Lago, Miguel Alzheimer´s in the family: A factor of destabilization of the family and family caregiver?
Acuña Garrido, Paloma Tourism in Arab countries: archaeological treasures at risk
Acuña Lopez, Agustin Raxó sport port
Acuña Pazó, Tamara The double sentence of imprisoned women
Adán Penas, Iria Role of the women information centers in the empowerment of the women victims in gender violence
Adeler Serrano, Laia Comparison between sexes about the loss of mechanical performance in two sessions differing in set configuration.
Adrover Espi, Miquel Season plan for training macrocycle. Marathon Race.
Afonso Arévalo, Javier Eduardo An approach to Energy Planning in Germany - Energy Transition towards a low-carbon economy
Afonso Saavedra, Ignacio School coexistence: a case study research
Ageitos Cadabal, Christopher Marine debris contamination impact.
Ageitos Dios, Brais Technical-tactical planning of the macrocycle I for the Real Club Deportivo de la Coruña Under 15 team
Agilda López, Laura Proposal to improve a teaching unit about healthy eating in primary school
Agra Lorenzo, Alberto Jesus Design and implementation of a smart thermostat
Agra Varela, Diana María Analysis of Galicia's 2020 tourism strategy
Agras Alcántara, Borja Electrical project renewal and fitness for a current regulations devoted to existing industrial for recycling and transformation of plastics
Ágreda Casal, Xacobe Learning in depth in the Natural Sciences area
Aguado Couselo, Sara CUDA implementation of a batched convolution method
Aguado Pardo, Carlos Melgas
Aguado Pernas, Francisco Javier Paris MOU inspecting activity
Aguado Pernas, José Luis Financial system and economic activity: evidence for the Spanish case
Agüero Seoane, Brian Independence of the Central Bank: a comparasion between the BCRA and the ECB
Aguiar Lamas, Sandra Access to employment of disabled people in Spain
Aguiar Pita, Javier Quality of life and intimate perspective of the disease in people with inflammatory bowel disease
Aguiar Rodríguez, Paula Rent a womb deal
Aguiar Vidal, Andrea Enforcements of Rulings on Housing Law
Aguilar Gil, Iván Prevention and citizen alerts device with IoT technology
Aguilar Vázquez, Guillermo Implementation of an accounting information system in an SME
Aguín Míguez, Fernando roro ship, onboarde of L´AUDACE
Aguín Portabales, María Jesús Calculation of loaded/unloaded cargo by means of a draft survey
Aguín Sartages, Sara Restoration and refurbishment of the sports center Portotenis and attached construction of a paddle center
Agulló García, Sara Wood, a perspective from the sustainability point of wiew
Aira Domínguez, Simón New urban mobility concepts for young reporters
Aira Lolo, Eva María Basic and execution project for the refurbishing of the San Pedro de Noceda do Caurel parrish church, in the municipality of Folgoso do Caurel, province of Lugo
Airado Otero, María Application of the multifunctionality of tales in Primary Education
Ajamil Martín, Manuel Nursery school in Feáns, with multipurpose room-dining room and outdoor space-playground
Ajamil Martín, María Raquel Study of safety and health for the execution of an apartment building located in rúa Visitación de la Encina, nº 8, O Burgo, Culleredo (A Coruña)
Ajamil Martín, Rosalía María Inclusive schooling in early childhood education students with ASD
Akopova, Alla Comparative analysis of codes: ACT 318-14 and EHE-08
Alarcón Martínez, Segundo Jesús Violence, gender and transphobia
Alba Barba, Mario Cultural heritage in the study of social sciencies in fifth of primary
Alba Olano, Daniel Role of Microbiology in the development of biological weapons and in the defense against biological attacks.
Albacete Castro, Lorena Domestic Violence and the sale of alien properties
Albela Carnero, Raúl Exercise therapy to improve the healthy physical condition and quality of life in smokers
Alberte Miguélez, Nicolás Refurbishment project for a single-family home in Tantín 25, Bergondo (A Coruña)
Alberte Woodward, Daniel Performing Arts Centre in Santiago
Albo Seijas, Cristina The use of interactions in the Early Childhoood classroom for learning a foreign language
Albo Seijas, Patricia Overload and quality of life of informal caregivers of patients with advanced heart failure
Alcalde Azpiazu, Rafael Scenario Generation for a 2D Videogame using Logic Programming
Alcalde Sánchez, María New proporsal for Sada´s recreational, cultural and sports club facilities
Alcalde Silveira, Andrea Tourist promotion in social networks: the case of galician health resorts in Facebook
Alcalde Triñanes, Diego Urbanization project of the Partial Plan SURPP B1 and B2 in Barraña, Boiro.
Alcántara Adames, Adayris Elementary monitoring of the vital sings.
Alcantarilla Rei, Nazaret LEARNING TROUGH PLAY
Alcocer Cordero, Rubén Retrofit of an electronically controlled low speed marine diesel engine to use LNG as a fuel.
Aldana Ofarrill, Arliet Naima Teleworking
Aldao Bello, Juan Antonio Regional economic growth in Spain
Aldao De la fuente, Patricia Clinical case: Nursing care in ICU after to implant a ventricular assist device (VAD)
Aldao López, Claudia Green economy and business development: environmental protection in the electricity sector
Aldao Seoane, Jéssica Basic and execution project for the restoration of a civil guard house in a restaurant located in the Lugar de Curros, in the hamlet of Pousada, parish of Mabegondo, township of Abegondo, A Coruña
Aldariz Maceira, Yanira Vocal health and consumption of toxics in future voice professionals
Aldegunde Rodríguez, Ana Teresa Libraries in Rome in old age
Aldir Barredo, Tania Project for the refurbishment of an industrial manor house for its use as a wine cellar in Columbrianos, polígono 14, parcela 15780 Ponferrada (León)
Aldrey Riobó, Jessica Effects of wine in patients with hypertension. A systematic review.
Alegre Leira, Javier Technical, energetic and economic study of a photovoltaic system and the luminous efficiency at the E.P.S of Ferrol
Alejandre Gomez, Natalia Project for the restoration of the "Casa do Lagar" building for its use as a nursery school
Alejandre Souto, María Genetic analysis of donax sp
Alejo Fernández, Gabriel Residential units in San Vicente de Elviña
Alemán Gramajo, Óscar Alejandro System of supervision and control of a servo rudder in a boat
Alemparte Villamarín, Daniela Architecture to the edge of the sea: accommodation, meeting and public space in Corcubión
Alén Morenza, Marta analysis of the conflictive relationship rocio and antonio
Aler López, Marta Personnel Restructuring from the point of view of human resources
Alfageme García, Antonio Parametric study of lamella domes
Alfaya Herbello, Pedro Evaluation of imposex in Nassarius reticulatus (year 2015).
Alfeirán Abelenda, Lola Analysis of the impact of an energy saving program during Activities of Daily Life in patients with COPD. A Learning - Service project
Alfeirán Villar, Martín Antonio As the future Primary Education teachers use intercultural competence through their teaching units
Alfonso Pita, María del Rocío Study, migration and deployment of a Zimbra-based email infrastructure to a corporative cloud-based platform
Alfonso Villamil, Miguel Applications of econometric models to reduce uncertainty in decision making: The consumption of electric energy in Spain
Alija Moro, Sergio Diagnostic properties of the cervical flexion-rotation test in cervicogenic headache
Alijo Prada, Lucía The wine sector un Spain: gourmet products
Allande Reyes, Zulema Study of the Digital Competence based on Content Creation of Early Childhood Education Teachers
Allegue García, Sandra Platform vessel supply 5000 DWT
Allegue Rodríguez, María Labor orientation Project in Arela-Cambre Association
Allo Calvo, Jonathan Activity patterns of gulls in relation to the Alvedro airport and the Cerceda landfill
Almaraz Sánchez, Aitor Evolutionary Optimization of Parametric Structures
Almau Taboada, María Isabel Womens analysis in the periodic sport press. Documentary study in the digital newspaper library of the sports journal Marca
Almeida Corral, Yoel Square and market. Street of Cambre-Street of Bergondo, Sada, A Coruña
Alonso Alfonso, Sergio Projecto for the refurbishment of retail premises and first floor for their use as a clothing shop in the building in rúa Fernando González nº 5, A Coruña
Alonso Álvarez, Iago Regulation and characteristics of the Galician wind sector. Birth, growth and stagnation
Alonso Barca, Elena Description and analysis of the effectivity of Constraint-induced movement therapy, through the scope of Occupational therapy. Case study.
Alonso Bellón, Miguel Post-racial America and the Obama Era
Alonso Bonnet, Carlos Development of the social area / CSR of Orillamar SD
Alonso Caride, Adrián Project of sports rehabilitation after LCA reconstruction surgery in an amateur surfer
Alonso Castro, Adrián Legal consequences of injuries on the workplace
Alonso Corbal, Alberto Javier Twitter in the 28A general elections
Alonso Corral, Marta Urbanization project in SUD-11 in Ponferrada
Alonso Corral, Patricia New proporsal for Sada´s recreational, cultural and sports club facilities
Alonso de la Iglesia, Laura Quality of compulsory education in Spain, current situation and improvement proposals
Alonso Díaz del Río, María Soledad Business Ethics: CSR intern demand
Alonso Diz, Andrea María Analysis about state and situation of Ferrol´s municipality: an adverse reality
Alonso Fernández, Pablo Analysis of de development model of Ecuador. The shift to the Plan Nacional del Buen Vivir
Alonso Ferreira, María Occupational therapy and gender: Exploration of its historical relation through the scientific literature
Alonso García, Alicia It´s not Estella Damm´summer
Alonso González, Carlota Happiness at work
Alonso González, Laura Dolores SEAT HERO - SEAT DUO Chariot Concept
Alonso González-Solla, Javier Bypass of the road PO-308 in Combarro (Pontevedra)
Alonso Lima, Paula Legal consequences of injuries on the workplace
Alonso Martínez, Estefanía Dynamic Positioning Study and Analysis Regarding SHUTTLE TANKERS.
Alonso Martínez, Víctor About the representation of 'non-place' in cinema
Alonso Montagner, Cristina Motor activity in the classrooms of early Childhood Education
Alonso Monterrubio, Pablo Analysis of the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment vs warm-up in patients with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
Alonso Pedre, Amaya Commercial Distribution in the multichannel era: an approach by TAM model
Alonso Pereira, Tamara University residence in Elviña
Alonso Pérez, Carmen Biophilic Design in urban spaces. Case studies
Alonso Pérez, Santiago 'All the Pretty Horses': A Transnational Reading
Alonso Pérez, Santiago The English Influence over the Spanish Novel, the Quixotic Model and the Case of "The Female Quixote"
Alonso Pérez, Yolanda Community property and inheritance
Alonso Placer, Bárbara The Earth in the Solar System
Alonso Plata, Esther The presence and importance of dance in Primary Education
Alonso Pose, Julio Rubén Programming and analysis of the sport clothing brand GUP for the year 2020
Alonso Pose, Octavio Implementation of an online store
Alonso Quelle, Carmen Draft of underground parking and redistricting of space in the old port of Viveiro
Alonso Rodríguez, María José Application of the Quinzet Method to promote the heuristic strategies of primary school students in solving problems
Alonso Rodríguez, Pablo Improvement of OU-533 B-road's (A Gudiña - A Rúa) route from KP 3+510 to KP 8+890
Alonso Rodríguez, Sofía Divorce with children due to assault and battery
Alonso Saavedra, Mario Development of a parallel implementation of an algorithm to solve tridiagonal equations systems in Graphic Processing Units
Alonso Sanlés, Eduardo Membership relationship management for an Athletic Club
Alonso Taboada, Claudia Tadao Ando and Japan: Naoshima museum throughout japanese garden
Alonso Torreiro, Miguel Literature review: Medical alternatives to natural blood.
Alonso Vigo, Laura The love that dare not speak its name: the Labouchere Amendment and int impact in The Picture of Dorian Gray and Waiting for Godot
Alonso Zunzunegui, Marta Modular housing for disaster
Alonso de las Heras, Marta Current situation of palliative care in pediatric patients
Aloy Pazos, Diego Hernán Evaluation of reading comprehension in obligatory secondary education students.
Alvar Pariente, Víctor The financing of political parties in Spain
Alvar Ramos, Alba María Remodeling of litoral edge of Area de Bon beach (Bueu)
Alvarado Caporale, Maria Cecilia Personnel Restructuring from the point of view of human resources
Alvarellos Agulleiro, Andrea Colective bargainning and economic crisis
Alvarellos Figueroa, Ana Education based on projects: the key of students' motivation.
Alvarellos Pais, Oscar Manuel Development of a mobile application for management of decks in card games
Álvarez Abalde, Belén Architecture on the edge of the sea: Carpentry for boat building training center as an activator of the coastal space. Punta Touro (Ribeira)
Álvarez Acevedo, Francisco Study and implementation of an AC/DC power converter to control a direct current motor of the laboratory
Álvarez Aguiar, Ana Internationalization of franchising
Alvarez Alvarez, Beatriz Effects of a prepuberal training program on the physical condition variables and its relationship with foot biomechanics
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