Misión, vision, values and principles

Strategic Plan 2013-2020, ratified by University Council on 21 March 2013 and brought before University Senate on 30 April 2013

Mission Statement

The role of the University of A Coruña is to aid the cultural, social and economic progress of society through the encouragement, management and dissemination of cultural, scientific, technological and professional creation. Its mission is to deliver high-quality, Galician public service.

Central to that mission is the education of open, knowledgeable, critical, engaged, democratic and cooperative citizens, with a strong sense of solidarity and the ability to analyse their reality, identify problems, and propose and implement solutions based on knowledge and understanding and the common good.

As part of its duty of service to society, the University is committed to:

  • The creation, development, communication and critical analysis of science, technology and culture.
  • Preparing students for professional life through the teaching of scientific and artistic knowledge and practice.
  • The transfer, dissemination and promotion of knowledge for the advancement of culture, quality of life and economic development.
  • The dissemination of knowledge and culture through University outreach and lifelong learning.


Looking ahead to 2020, UDC aspires to:

  • Establish strong connections with the whole community, in order to understand its needs and respond to the changes taking place in our society.
  • Collaborate with all social partners and public and private bodies to examine, identify and provide solutions to the challenges facing our society.
  • Open up channels of active solidarity, with a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development through innovation.

The University will continue to:

  • Offer training and education tailored to the present and future needs of our society, and adapt that learning to the individual developmental needs of each student through the promotion of effective, innovative teaching methods to guarantee the acquisition of the abilities and competences demanded by our degrees.
  • Help students to develop skills that enhance their employability at a local, national and international level.
  • Support the creation and development of national and international networks of basic and applied research groups for the promotion of scientific, technological, economic and social progress.
  • Be recognised for the research carried out at the University and the innovative knowledge transfer strategies and initiatives made possible by the technical and scientific services of the UDC Technology Park.
  • Combine the promotion of general knowledge in all fields with specialisation in the areas of science and technology where the University is strongest.
  • Manage our resources fairly, efficiently, productively and transparently, and work to ensure stable and sufficient funding from the State, with supplementary financing through our partnerships in the private sector.
  • Enhance the reputation of UDC abroad based on our teaching and research activities.
  • Promote a system of strategic management in order to achieve our collective objectives in collaboration and consultation with the whole University community.

Values and Principles

UDC, as a public, civil, autonomous, inclusive and secular institution, and in accordance with its own objectives, will be governed by the following values and principles:

  • Equality of opportunity, based on the principles of merit, ability, equality, universal access to third-level education and promoting a culture of non-discrimination.
  • Personal effort as one of the key aspects of individual advancement and development, and the ability to find a balance between personal desires and the ability to satisfy them, as an aid to problem solving, conflict resolution and the achievement of collective goals for the common good.
  • Participation in the decision making process and the promotion of channels of communication between all members of the University community, as a way of maximising all available talent and resources.
  • Social responsibility and commitment, as a way of contributing actively to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of our community and the creation of greater economic well being in society as a whole.
  • Commitment to Galicia and to the transformation and development of Galician society: to create, protect, communicate and transmit the artistic, urban, architectural, documentary and linguistic heritage and culture of Galicia.
  • Respect for the environment, as a socially responsible university, maximising and managing the resources at our disposal as efficiently as possible, to minimise environmental impact.
  • Efficient use of public resources to ensure they are used to best effect to meet the needs of society and in the interest of the common good.
  • Quality as a core objective, with a collective will and desire to work to achieve higher standards of teaching, research, management and services, in the interests of greater social well being.
  • Transparency as a mechanism of accountability, to account for all decision and actions taken by the University.

Planificación estratégica