Service for PAS

The Administrative and Service Staff (PAS) of the University of A Coruña is formed by civil servants from the ranks of the universities and by labour personnel contracted by the same university, as well as civil employees, belonging to the bodies or ranks of other public administrations, who work in the University of A Coruña.

The Administrative and Service Staff Service develops the following functions:

  • Manage the administrative and service civil servants and labour personnel.
  • Draw up the staff selection process.
  • Draw up the staff recruiting process.
  • Draw up an Integral Educational Plan.

Director of service: Carmen Veiga Castiblánquez

Rúa da Maestranza, 9
15001 - A Coruña

Tel.: +34 981 167 000 ext.: 1108, 1117, 1102, 1105 e 2395
Fax: +34 981 167 012, internal: 2393