RACU (Rede de Asociacións e Colectivos Universitarios - University Student's Associations & Unions Network)


The purpose why RACU was created was to build a database and a mailing list with students´ associations so they can be recive job-related (internships, vacancies, et.), social (UDC-Prestige Platform), economic (grants) and cultural information, in collaboration with OSIX (Youth Information Service) and Council´s Youth Information Service in Forum Metropolitano, completing and supporting more specific university information (conventions, lectures, workshops, et).
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RED (Rede de Educación para o Desenvolvemento - Education for Development Network)


It was created in april 2002 as a meeting point for people at university, specially lecturers and researchers interested or working on social volunteering, international development, social exclusion, sustainable development or scientific ethics. The aim is to maintain a flow of information and direct contact among members to disseminate activities on international development and to promote participation in the debate and discussion forum.
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RGCUD (University Cooperation for Development Galicia Network)

It comprises A Coruña, Vigo & Santiago Universities, and it was made possible by funding from Galician Directorate-General for International and EU Affairs , it is aimed at the promotion of networking among Galician universities on University Cooperation for Development (CUD)and Education for Development (EpD). RGCUD makes available to universities and society a database on CUD and EpD activities executed with university participation. This tool is set up to facilitate the identification of experiences and work teams with which build sinergies on these fields. At the same time it develops an anual training plan for the Galicia university community, providing information on the current trainnig offer on international development and education for development in Galician and Spanish universities, as well as providing information on open calls for proposals on CUD and EpD.
From the understanding of networking as a way to develop bigger and better impacts in social change towards an equitable and fair world RGCUD is built as the university community response to this challenge and pretends to become Galician benchmark on research, education and university cooperation for development.