Selection process


1.  As soon as the course proposal is received, UDC will confirm it to the applicant by email.

2.  All proposals will be analysed by a committee, which will assess the suitability of the course for potential students, as well as the likely demand among them. This committee will consist of the Vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation, the Head of the International Relations Office, an IRO administrative officer and a team of experts from the five fields of study. The criteria taken into account will be:

  • Suitability of the topic for a course
  • The coherence of the syllabus
  • Evidence of the instructor’s competence
  • Creativity
  • Intelligence and pedagogical skill

3.  Preselected courses will be announced on November 22nd.

4.  Applicants will be informed if their proposals have been preselected by email. UDC will publish the list of preselected courses on its website, and open the student registration period.

5.  Students' registration will be open until 30th May.

6.  As soon as the minimum of 5 students are registered on each course and, in any case, by 1st June, visiting teachers will be informed about the final selection.