Managerial Role in Organizational Communication

Course Leader: Dr Marta Szeluga-Romanska

Home Institution: Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Course pre-requisites: None.

Course Overview
The aim of the course is to provide wide and efficient knowledge of the role of  manager in the context of communicational processes that take place in organizations.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course students should be able to recognize several communicational processes and estimate managerial participation and responsibility for their shape.

Course Content

  1. Introduction and project details explanation (consisting also the qualitative research methods).
  2. Who is the manager? (The role in organizations, leader vs. manager).
  3. What organization is, how it changes, how it exists.
  4. Organizational culture and its role.
  5. Communication processes (including both verbal and non-verbal).
  6. The manager in communicational processes.
  7. Final test.

Instructional Method
Theoretical background will be presented partly by lectures but each class will also consist of more active and engaging activities like workshops, discussions, case studies, role playing and qualitative research workshops.

Required Course Materials

A computer and slide projector (or TV) are needed. Also some paper and markers.

Final test (after the course) and also project evaluation. [The project will be done by using qualitative methods (e.g. organization ethnography). Students will be divided into groups of 3, set a problem to research and conduct proper qualitative research.  After the research is done, each group will present their findings into public.]