China's Role in the Next Phase of Globalization

Course Leader: Prof Andrés Torres Luque

Home Institution: Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Chile

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to synthesize information about different globalizations during world history, the process of China to insert itself in the global economy and its current power and influence over the world through initiatives such as “one belt, one road”. Also, students will be able to make predictions about how the world is being reshaped by the automation system.

Course Content

  • Globalization or Globalizations?
  • The emergence of China and its Impact on the global economy
  • The new phase of globalization: Digitalization and automation

Instructional Method

This course was developed from an “Active and Collaborative Learning” perspective.  The active learning approach is based on a collaborative, inquiry-based, student-centred approach to teaching, in which students are actively involved in their own knowledge acquisition.

Required Course Materials

Data show projector

Computers (google docs)


  • Video presentation of the student applying one route in the “belt road” according to economic and business criteria.
  • Discussions, Moderations, Team Contributions – Student is expected to (1) complete all the assigned readings for the designated week by the due date listed, (2) have an active presence in class discussions, and (3) aim to contribute to the learning of the whole group, through moderations, participation, and peer review of discussions and team activities.
  • Portfolio