Grupo de Estudios Territoriales

Grupo de Estudios Territoriales

The Group of Territorial Studies (GET) is a research group from the Sociology Faculty in the Coruña University, specializing in social sciences applied to the territory and spatial studies.

The GET is an interdisciplinary group that integrates different areas of knowledge such as Sociology, Thought and Social Movements History, Contemporary History, Social Anthropology and Tourism. However, our common commitment is the analysis of the historical and socio-economic territory conformation.

We want to be a benchmark giving support, from the social sciences, to the territorial and spatial studies that need go beyond the technical and infrastructural aspects of the territory. We may also bring a perspective that combines methodological tools from the history, the demography and the sociology; and strategies that can inspire many social and economic alternatives to the traditional economic development models.

José María Cardesín Díaz
Group Leader

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