Procedure for applying for admission of students with a foreign degree not approved outside the EHEA (European Higher Education Area)

Students holding a foreign degree that is not approved in accordance with the EHEA may apply for admission to doctoral studies provided that they demonstrate a level of education (i) equivalent to that of Spanish official university master's degrees and that (ii) entitles them to access to doctoral studies in the country that issued the degree. Under no circumstances will this admission imply the homologation of the degree or its recognition for purposes other than accessing the doctoral studies.

The applications will be made through the student's virtual office and, together with the application for admission, a "request for equivalence" must be submitted to the Departments and Research Support Unit (UADI) of the center to which the doctoral programme is assigned. Students may enroll before the equivalence resolution, but their enrolment will be conditioned on this being favorable. Requests for equivalence to the corresponding Spanish degrees must be addressed to the University Rector. The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme will issue a report on the academic suitability of the studies undertaken by the applicant and will report on the opportunity of accessing the PhD programme after considering whether the applicant accredits a level of education equivalent to that of a university master's degree. This report will be sent to the International School of Doctoral Studies together with the documents provided by the student.

The application  must be accompanied by the documents listed below. These documents must be submitted duly legalized, or with the Apostille of The Hague. If original documents are provided, the university will keep certified copies. If photocopies are submitted without providing the originals, the photocopies must be authenticated by Spanish consular services or embassies. Documents in languages other than Spanish, Galician, French, Portuguese, Italian or English must be accompanied by a translation carried out by a Spanish certified translator, or by a translator authorized in the country of origin by the Spanish consulate.

Documents for applying for equivalence:

  1. Valid National Identity Card or Passport.
  2. Academic titles to access the doctorate.
  3. Academic certificate detailing the courses taken, the time load for each course and academic periods completed. Certificates indicating the workload in credits must be accompanied by a document stating the equivalence between credits and teaching hours (theoretical or practical).
  4. Document attesting that the applicant's academic degrees entitle the holder to access doctoral studies in the country of origin.
  5. Payment of the fee for applying for equivalence of foreign studies.