Distribution and Transport Service

The Distribution and Transport Service has been entrusted with the function or transferring the members of the governing team and authorities, paying attention to the security of all; the urgent displacement of auxiliary personnel; the delivery, collection and classification of all internal and external UDC mail; the delivery or collection of urgent documents requested by the competent authorities; the distribution of parcels; to inform University staff of the different postal and telegraphic regulations; the management, maintenance and control of the UDC’s fleet of vehicles; and control of the vehicles with authorized accesion to the Rectorship parking at the Maestranza.

Service manager: Ricardo Orgeira Padín

Rúa da Maestranza, 9
15001-A Coruña

Telephone: 981 167000 - Extensión interna: 1140
Fax: 981 167011 - Extensión interna: 1067
Email: wgarcia@udc.es