Cursos 2018

Do 30 xullo ao 17 agosto 2018



Advances in the Environmental Impact Assessment for Smart Transportation Infrastructures
Course leader: Dr Filippo Giammaria Praticò

Basics of Data Analysis using Python
Course leader: Dr Vitalii Naumov

Compact Data Structures
Course leaders: Dr Travis Gaggie and Dr Nicola Prezza

Real Estate Management
Course leaders: Prof. Dr Vsevolod Nikolaiev, Dr Tetiana Nikolaieva and Prof. Dr Vasyl Kuybida

Travel Demand Management
Course leader: Dr Katarzyna Nosal Hoy



English for Academic Research
Course leader: Dr Stephan Houghton


Host-parasite Immune Interactions
Course leader: Dr Iva Kolarova

Materials Science
Course leaders: Dr Israel Temprano, Prof. Dr Milan Kracalik, Elizabeth Castillo and Javier Carretero



Biolaw, New Technologies and Society
Course leader: Dr Erick Valdes

Culture and Psychology - the history of complicated interrelationship and future perspectives
Course leader: Francisco Rey

Development Economics
Course leaders: Dr Nino Papachashvili and Dr Lela Jamagidze

Financial Risk Analysis
Course leader: Abderezak Ali Abdurehman

Financial Statement Analysis
Course leader: Dr Adel Enpaya

Individuals, Groups and Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law: Relevance, Status, Rights and Duties
Course leader: Dr Adrienne Komanovics

Innovation, Markets and Entrepreneurship
Course leader: Dr Sonia Villarreal de la Garza

Introduction to Collective Trauma
Course leader: Dr Nino Tabeshadze

New Models of Business Organizations in 21st Century
Course leader: Dr Elsbieta Jendrych

Power of Persuation and Negotiation Skills
Course leaders: Dr Halina Wisniewska and Dr Anna Czarczynska

Project Management
Course leader: Dr Monika Lobaziewicz

Refugee Crisis and Contemporary Challenges in Migration Management in Europe
Course leader: Prof Dr Ketevan Khutsishvili

Senior Fitness. Physical Activity in Ageing
Course leader: Dr Veronika Tirpáková

Survey Research Methods
Course leader: Dr Serkan Dolma

Taxes and Business Strategy
Course leader: Dr Sebastian Lazar

Total Quality Management
Course leader: Dr. Satish Chander Ailawadi

Understanding Intellectual Property
Course leader: Dr Agnieszka Zielinska