Cursos 2017

31 xullo ao 18 agosto 2017 - A Coruña

Emotional Intelligence under Stress: Useful Unnecessary or Irrelevant?

Course leader: Dr Anna Czarczynska

Environmental Impact Assessment and Analysis for Smart Transportation Infrastructures

Course leader: Dr Filippo Praticò

Financial Risk Analysis

Course leader: Dr Anxo Calvo Silvosa

Implementation of Human Rights: Strong Normative Aspirations, Weak Enforcement

Course leader: Dr Adrienne Komanovics

Innovation, Markets and Entrepreneurship

Course leaders: Dr Sonia Villarreal de la Garza

International Criminal Law

Course leader: Prof. Dr. Ketevan Khutsishvili

Materials Science

Course leader: Dr Israel Temprano

Project Management

Course leader: Dr Monika Lobaziewicz

Public Law: Evolving Relationships Untangled

Course leaders: Dr Steven Van Garsse

Real Estate Valuation and Investment

Course leader: Dr Maurizio d´Amato

The Power of Persuasion

Course leader: Dr Halina Wisnieska