Voice prints


Helena Palma

Voice prints (VP) is a homage to our ancestors and the languages they used as tools to create and expand over large locations powerful civilisations.

Ubi sunt? Where are our ancestors now? Have they disappeared? Those people and the locations they lived in are casted in infinite events created by our thoughts. We can hear the resonances of their voices in the roar of time. In VP the ancestors’ voices are articulated by the voice of a baritone and of a violin who melt their timbre in resonances of the words uttered by a distant father (a fundamental Bb tone and harmonics 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9).

How do we get to know them? We get acquainted with them by picking up out of those resonances the identifying features from which the voices of ancestors are assembled in our minds. We invite you to listen what they have to say to you and hence bring them back from an alleged Atlantis. VP includes phonemes, words and sentences sung and spoken in Scythian, Greek, Celtic, Iberian, Ubykh, Albanian, Catalan, English, Galician, German, Spanish.

Music is set to fragments of poems by

  • Salvador Espriu: Cementeri de Sinera: , ,
  • Peter Handke: and
  • Julio Llamazares: .