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Haig Zacharian

Haig Zacharian was born in Durres, Albania on 8 May, 1952 in a family of Armenian descent. He began learning the piano, theory of music and harmony at the elementary music school of his native city at the age of six. From 1969-73 he attended the Superior Institute of Arts in Tirana (today's Academy of Arts), studying composition with Prof. Tonin Harapi.

After graduation Zacharian worked as artistic director of various amateur ensembles in Fierza, Northern Albania (1973-77). He returned to Durres in 1977, where he worked with amateur ensembles and choirs at the City's Youth Centre. After this period, from 1980-86 he was appointed teacher of History of Mu­sic, Orchestration, Harmony and Analysis at the High School of Music “Jan Kukuzeli” in Durres. Between 1986 and 1992 Zacharian was a freelance composer. In 1993 he was appointed Head of the Department of Theory and Composition at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, where he is now Professor of Composition and Harmony. Since 1998-2009, H. Zacharian has also been President of the Albanian Society of Composers and Authors, ALBAUTOR

Haig Zacharian has composed numerous works in most genres of music. His works have been performed in all the important events in Albanian musical life as well as abroad (Macedonia, Switzerland, Italy, Austria), and some among them were commissioned by ISCM Albanian Section. Also composed songs for children, choirs, film music and has arranged many pieces of classical and romantic music for various ensem­bles. He has received numerous prizes for his musical activities.

With his vast experience in the domain of film music, the scores of Zacharian have some very fine colors, whilst possessing a direct sense of communication. In the period after 1990, his expression was enriched by an advanced research into contemporary techniques, concentrating on small melodic patterns whilst preserving the charm of the composer's first period.

Prof. S. Shupo