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Helena Palma

Helena Palma is both a composer and a linguist (Ph. D, UCM 1990). She is currently based in A Coruña, Spain, where she teaches and does research at the University of A Coruña. She was born in Barcelona and studied piano and harmony at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica with Josep Poch, Joan Pich Santasusana, Manel Oltra and Maria Lluisa Nadal. She extended her musical education in England, with Ronald Lees (piano), Raymond Warren (fugue). After, she studied contemporary composition techniques with Helmut Lachenmann, Salvatore Sciarrino, György Kurtag, Hans Zender, and electronic music with Trevord Whishart, Eduardo Reck Miranda and Agostino di Scipio. Her research interests in composition include the quantization of time, improvisatory games, polyrhythmic dialogues, imitative schemes, indexicals and egocentric perspective, spatialization of sound, interface between speech prosody, rhythm and melody. Her interests in Linguistics are focused in the fields of Linguistic Universals, Semantics and Syntax.

Some of her recent compositions are "The forest" (vl, pf and electronics, 7’, 2009), "The Death of the Asmat Warrior "(vl, vc, cl, 10’, 2008), "The blue Bird" (pf, vc, perc, elect 2007), "Scenarios for constructing the self" (pf, elect 2007), "Games of water" (pf 2006), "The Magic Mountain" (electr 14’, 2005).

Helena Palma is keen in doing conjoined research with performers that would lead to the invention of new technical and expressive possibilities of acoustic instruments and the human voice.

Improvisatory games

She is currently working in the development of dialogue structures to build a net of agents-performers interacting with live electronics by means or improvisatory games.

Quantized time

Helena Palma is working in metric algorithms to be played by percussive and melodic instruments, which interact with the electronic processing of some of the percussion voices, and merge to build a polyphony of asynchronous voices that meet at certain crucial points highlighted by a particular visual event controlled by sensors.

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