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Carlos Duque

Carlos Duque was born in Madrid where he attended the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música. He has studied analysis and composititon with well know masters such as Carmelo Bernaola, Arturo Tamayo, and specially with José Luis de Delás. He received his bachelor degree of Anthropology at Complutense University in Madrid (UCM) and has a MA in Composition from City University (London). He is currenty studying for his PhD at City University, where he is doing research on the orchestral works by Roberto Gerhard.

His works have been performed in different countries such as Spain, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

Carlos Duque’s compositions have been awarded by prestigious prices: He was the finalist of the SGAE prize for young composers with his piece "Cronos", for a chamber instrumental group, in 1998. He also won the first prize in the Frederic Mompou Competition 1999 with his piece "Dánae" for quintet with piano, the first prize in the International Composition Contest Francisco Escudero 2008 with his piece "Iduna" for accordion, the second prize in the International Composition Contest Cristobal Halftter 2008 with his piece "Ixión" for organ, and the City University Composition Contest "lawinapod" 2008. He has been hailed "The young composer of the year" in Catalonia, by Juventudes Musicales, during the year 2000.

His electroacustic music is recorded in “Time” on Cronos Digital Records. All his works are edited and administrated in Boileau and Pygmalión.