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Funded research projects:

Research Project
Literature and Globalization: North American Literature from a Transnational Perspective
Ref. FFI2015-66767-P (MINECO/FEDER, UE) 2016-2018

In response to the urgent task of exploring the relationship between literature and globalization, the main aim of our research project is to apply a transnational approach both to American (US) literature and to the very field of American Studies. According to our initial working thesis, contemporary American literature both inscribes and questions the phenomenon of globalization.

Our research project includes four specific research objectives that complement each other. Our first research interest lies precisely in the theoretical premises underlying “Transnational American Studies”. Since the transnational paradigm emerging from the process of globalization questions the very existence of national entities, or at least of traditional nation states (and the United States does not escape this problematization), we will first have to contend with what we mean by American literature and culture. In addition, in the new globalized context, we may wonder what future, if any, awaits the “ethnic” literatures that had historically emphasized questions of specific cultural identity and may face the dissolution of what made them distinctive, given current ongoing historical and generational transformations. The erosion of the traditional, unidirectional model of emigration, transformed by the increasing mobility of individuals that has brought about new identities, necessarily leads us to a revision of the American ethnic paradigm, especially visible in recent narratives. On the other hand, American literature is not immune to the “discontents” created by the hegemonic brand of globalization, and in fact it either echoes or anticipates the main issues raised by critical or alter-globalist discourses. Therefore, our third research task will be to analyze contemporary American narrative under the new light shed by those discourses critical with the new global order. Even though globalization is most commonly perceived as a process through which the US is “coca-colonizing” the rest of the world, there are increasing signs that the influence is not univocal but mutual. This more or less asymmetrical reciprocity, which some theorists call transculturality, is both cause and consequence of cultural and literary production. A fourth task of our research project, therefore, will be to ascertain whether American literature fosters, reflects or problematizes such transculturality.

Given the sociological as well as discursive nature of the very concept of globalization, our research project will have a multidisciplinary scope. On the one hand, it will rely on solid theoretical foundations drawn from literary and cultural studies; on the other, it will be indebted to relevant research in the field of the Social Sciences, especially in the subfield known as Globalization Studies; and, last but not least, we will engage in a detailed analysis of a limited, representative corpus of texts, an analysis that will function as a litmus test, as it were, of our initial hypotheses.




Research Project
Human Ecology: Literatures and Cultures of the United States from the Ethnocriticism and Ecocriticism
(Consellería de innovación e industria/Incite)

One of the main aims of our research group is the participation in I+D Projects financed by public official announcements. The combination of the different research themes of the members of the group led to a common proposal to study literature and film which promote an ecocritical view of contemporary culture and literature. Our research project, entitled Ecoloxía humana: as literaturas e culturas de Estados Unidos desde a etnocrítica e a ecocrítica (Human Ecology: Literatures and Cultures of the United States from the Ethnocriticism and Ecocriticism), was funded by the "Programa de promoción xeral de investigación do Incite 2007" ("Incite Program for the improvement of general research 2007"), for an initial period of three years.




Consellería de educación e ordenación universitaria

The resolution of the official funds announced by this Consellería de Educación y Organización Universitaria for the consolidation and the organization of Sistema Universitario de Galicia (Galician University System) competitive research unities was published in Diario Oficial de Galicia dated 31st August 2007. The Research Group CLEU obtained the funds for a period of two years, extendable for another, within the modalidade de grupos emerxentes promovidos por investigadores mozos (category of new groups promoted by young researchers). The account of the second annual fee was cofinanced by the FEDER funds of 2007-2013.

Thanks to this support we have been able to strengthen the group through the incorporation of research assistants and the organization of events. Our intention is to continue improving the group and fostering its international projection by increasing the number of publications and our participation in international projects and networks.




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