Sustainable & ECO Tourism

Course Leader: Dr Osman Nuri Ozdogan | Dr Mirela Tase

Home Institution: Aydin Adnan Menderes University | Aleksander Moisiu University

Course pre-requisites: None.

Course Overview
The goal of this course is to give the student to understand sustainability in generally  sustainable tourism and  ecotourism principles. The course will address the definition of sustainability and necessity of sustainable life for future generations. Also student to understand the ecotourism and how it differs from other types of tourism. So the correlation between the ecotourism and sustainable tourism is on the top of research now days. Beside these awareness sustainable tourism and its effects will be discussed with samples and case studies. Students who completed this course successfully will be able to determine sustainability in all manner and understand sustainable tourism.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course students will be able to; 

  • Understand sustainability context.
  • Understand importance of sustainability
  • Realize personal role in sustainability
  • Create a visional perspective for sustainability
  • Understand importance for tourism
  • Synthesize businesses and sustainability
  • Respect to natural sources
  • To equip students with advanced skills to work in the ecotourism
  • Introduce research methods in ecotourism tourism planning
  • Informing students about methodologies for analyzing ecotourism as a very broad spatial mobility in the contemporary contest

Course Content

- The term of Sustainability

- Why is sustainability important?

- Ecosystem and Humankind

- Sustainable Life

- Sustainability for Businesses

- Current actions for sustainability

- How does sustainability work in travel & tourism?

- Benefits of sustainability in hotel business

- Case studies for sustainability from around the world

1) The essence of ecotourism and Principles of Ecotourism

2) Types of Ecotourism. Ecotourism in the Context of Other Tourism Types

3) The eco-tourist. Tourist typologies and profiles

4) Socio- cultural and ecological impacts of ecotourism. Economic impacts and marketing of ecotourism

5) Community Participation in Environmental Management of Ecotourism

Instructional Method
Lectures, interactive with students.

Group work for presentation.

Required Course Materials
Good internet connection and PPT presentation materials needed.

In assessment a 30 multiple questions test will be used (60%)

Group work presentation (40%)