Management of a Corporate Image

Course Leader: Dr Manuel Joaquim de Sousa Pereira

Home Institution: Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Instit. (Business Sciences), Portugal

Course pre-requisites: Management courses

Course Overview
The course consists in the presentation and general and concentrated context of the nature and meaning of the management of corporate image and its key techniques in its development in organizations, as well as, understanding, interpretation and implementation in practice of an efficient corporate image. The course aims to develop the general and vocational skills.

Learning Outcomes
Knowledge of the main tools and their features management of corporate Image.

The knowledge of the possibilities and processes for the management of corporate image and its monitoring in practice.

The ability to develop strategies to create the image of an organization and action plans for its practical application and to use the tools to improve corporate image. The ability to collect primary data to analyze and evaluate the state of the organization and raise issues about management of corporate image.

The ability to work in groups or independently and to make innovative decisions on the management of a corporate image.

Course Content
The conception of image (self-image, organizational image, country image) in modern theories.

The importance of management of a corporate image.

Theoretical preconditions for organizational image creation and corporate image.

Mechanisms for the management of a corporate image: support and change.

The algorithm of the management of a corporate image formation.

The audit of organizational identity, corporate image and reputation: main techniques.

Instructional Method
Lectures (problem-based teaching), discussions, individual and group assignments, case studies.

Required Course Materials
Computer and internet connection

Reading and analysis of assigned scientific literature, discussions and preparation of individual assessment;

Preparation in advance and active participation in at least 3 out of 4 discussions. Topics for discussion are indicated during the classes;

Preparation of topics presented and monitoring of submitted materials Individual assignment preparation and its presentation;

Final evaluation test with 5 open questions (valued: 2 points per question)