Logistic and Circular Economy Towards Social Innovation Initiatives

Course Leader: Dr Wellington Alves

Home Institution: Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Course pre-requisites: Being enrolled in a master’s degree course.

Course Overview
The main objective of the mobility is to discuss the importance of logistics and social innovations towards circular economy.

Learning Outcomes
The overall objectives of the course for the participating staff member are:
-To provide the participant with an overview of the main concepts of social innovation as well its application;
-To provide the participant a panel to discuss the application of Circular Economy bringing together logistics.
- To jointly reflect upon the possibility to develop researches in the three areas, namely social innovation, circular economy and logistics.
-To set the foundation for longer term cooperation based on a shared vision for integrating researches in the field of Logistics and Circular Economy.

Course Content
The course Logistics and Social Innovation towards a Circular Economy will exchange of experiences, analysis of practices in this area, study of cases and discussion of industrial experiences.
Attendance of the session, will contribute to workshops and round table discussions according to the following work program:
- Circular Economy and its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals;
- Social Innovation: actual scenario and barriers for future developments;
- Integrating logistics in the arena of circular economy and social innovation;

Instructional Method
For the proposed course the methodological approach used is described as follows:
• Seminar session;
• Discussion of case studies;
• Group work.

Required Course Materials
Access to academic database, such as Elsevier and Emerald; Mendeley desktop; Desktop
or laptop computer.

Since the classes will have both theoretical and practical components, the assessment of the program content will be supported by:
• An individual presentation of a case study;
• A presentation in group of work regarding a selected and related theme.