Dr Filippo Giammaria Practicò

Dr Filippo Praticò got his bachelor, master, and PhD degrees in civil-transportation engineering from the universities of Pisa and Palermo.
After working in the industry, he joined the Mediterranea University and became an associate professor in 2002, habilitated full in 2012-4, serving as the deputy of the Master School, deputy of the DIMET Department, director of the Road Laboratory, member of the TRB of U.S. National Academies, and chair of several international committees.
His main areas of research are civil/sustainable engineering, transportation and geotechnical engineering, life-cycle cost analysis and Infrastructure asset management, construction and infrastructure management, sustainability and environmental impact of construction projects, road, railways and airport materials quality, marginal and recycled materials, road, railways and airport safety and geometrics, road and airport surface properties, road, railways and airport work zones, road, railways and airport crises management, new applications to transportation infrastructures (navigation and positioning systems, ICT-based, energy based, air-related, sea-related, road-related, rail-related), and environmental issues and their quantification.
The quality of his research is evidenced by extensive publication in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, national and international patents, research projects, supervision of theses, guest lectures, membership of editorial boards, and collaboration with international authors.