In 2016, the Amergin Permanent Comission agreed to create four permanent seminars to provide a critical space to the inter/transdisciplinary interests of the Institute's research team.

These seminars received the generic name of "observatories", given their constant preoccupation about cultural and aesthetic articulations of Irish Studies and critical theory (CSSAN), transnational issues (OBANZ), and politics (OPIRET).


CSSAN-UDC: Cultural Studies, Society and Alternative Narratives

Permanent Seminar on Critical & Cultural Theory, Alternative Narratives and Society. Study of Cultural Studies and the articulation of power, hegemony, and ideology within discursive and narrative artifacts. Cultural performances of race, nation, gender, and sexuality in film, television, video games, contemporary literature, and the arts.

Director: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Barros Grela



OBANZ-UDC: Observatory for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Permanent Seminar for the Socio-Economic and Cultural Analysis of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Director: Prof. Dr. José Miguel Alonso-Giráldez



 OPIRET-UDC: International Policy and Transcultural Relations Observatory

Permanent Seminar for Global Politics, International Relations, and Transcultural Identities in their (Con)Texts, from the Perspective of Cultural Criticism, Political Theory, and Cultural Studies.

Director: Prof. Dr. José Manuel Estévez-Saá



SAOR-UDC: Scotland/ Alba Observatory for Research

Permanent Seminar for Scottish Studies

Director: Prof. Dr. David Clark