Registration and fees


Interested students should submit the following online APPLICATION FORM.

Informal enquiries can be directed to  Please check our  FAQ´s to solve your doubts.

Soon after an application is received, accepted applicants will receive payment instructions (by email). Once confirmation of payment is received and processed, they will be formally registered and the admission letter will be sent by email. Students are encouraged to apply early in order to secure a place in their desired course and to benefit from the early-bird prices.



                                                     EARLY BIRD PRICE                                                      REGULAR PRICE

                                            (Applications received until 30/04/2020)        (Applications received until 31/05/2020) 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                                              400€                                                                              600€

UDC STUDENTS                                                                                       50€ *                                                                           100€


* The first five UDC applicants for ISS courses may apply for 1,5 ECTS extra credits and for a tuition waiver if they agree to participate in the ISS mentoring programme. Please contact to know the conditions.


GROUP TUITION FEES (Deadline 31/05/2020)

(Applying for the same course or different courses)

A) From 5 to 10 students  ------------------- 300€ each student

B) From 11 to 15 students ------------------ 250€ each student

C) From 16 to 20 students ------------------ 200€ each student

Students must contact before submitting their applications as a group. One of the members of the group has to send us the list of all members (names, surnames and emails). We will give you a code to be written on each application form. Students applying as a group will not have the option to receive any scholarship.


Please note: some emails sent from our office are occasionally redirected to junk or spam folders. Please ensure that you check these folders regularly once you have applied.