Available networks (SSID) and requirements

The network eduroam is available for PDI, PAS and PYC with an existing contract and for students enrolled in the current academic year.

To connect to the wireless network you must have an account manager in the corporate identity of the UDC. In this website you can also check the services run. In case you still do not have an account on this identity manager, you must register on this link.

If you do not have an account or have not activate this service, you can not connect to the wireless network.


This network provides connectivity safely, following the recommendations of https://www.eduroam.org. It also allows users to move to other institutions attached, have connectivity too. This is the recommended option.

To connect to eduroam is necessary for the device (mobile, laptop) supports the following features:

  • Standard IEEE802.11b/g and WPA2-AES.
  • 802.1X client support EAP-TTLS with PAP or PEAP with MSCHAPv2.

To access the eduroam network you must log in with the username and password of the corporate identity manager de@udc.es followed, as follows:

login: username@udc.es

password: xxxxxxxxx

eduroam config


This network allows an unsecured connection. Only use this option if your device can not connect to any of the above networks.

udcportal is available for users / as you have an account in the corporate identity manager of the UDC.

To access udcportal you must open a web browser and try to conect any page, in this moment ask you for username and password manager corporate identity.


This network enables event organizers or conferences that take place in the buildings of the UDC, connection to wireless network for this special event.

The service must be requested in writing, as the application form of network services with a notice of 15 days. The form will indicate the need and the use to which it will give to the wireless network .

The Computing and Communications Service will be responsible for establishing the criteria for authentication, access and passwords for the proper use of special wireless network.