Faq and problems

The attention of the users will be: User Support Center (CAU) in email cau.sic@udc.es or in the extension of SIC 2222.

FAQ eduroam

eduroam : http://www.eduroam.org/faq

What has been done since December 2, 2016 to become eduroam?

You have to reconfigure device.

I want to connect to eduroam, what do I have to do?

If you want to connect to udcwifi or eduroam you must have an identity manager account . If you don't have an account, you must register here. If you don't have an account or this service is not active, you can't connect to udcwifi or eduroam. This service is addressed to staff of University and to students is enrolled in this academic year.

Do I have to use the automatic configuration modes (cat.eduroam.org)?

This is recommended because it is easier and safer way to set up the connection to the eduroam wifi as it only need to enter the username and password. It consists of a file which is run on the device that contains the information of the connection mode parameterized. In case of failure have to use the manual setting mode.

Why is it so difficult to connect to the wireless network of the university?

The university's wireless network is not, nor can be, such as a wireless network that anyone can have in your home.
In college, it has to provide a service to the community ensuring the following.

  • All users connecting members of the university community
  • No user can capture and decode wireless communications being conducted by another user
  • The connections of all users are logged. This can be verified or connection problems that user misuses made ​​of the data network
  • To gain access, you can type your email address / password with the assurance that the data will not be intercepted by another user
  • All users of the wireless network of the UDC can connect over wireless networks Eduroam and other institutions, any user of an institutionEduroam can connect through the wireless network of the UDC

Incorporating wireless network UDC Eduroam initiative also requires us to meet these requirements.

Finally, with the use of automatic configuration modes, significantly reduces the number of parameters to be configured.