eduroam (educational roaming) is a service to world-wide level for the mobility of the users that belong to the academic institutions or investigation. It allows students, researchers, teachers and other staff of these institutions have Internet connectivity in their own installations as well as the rest of institutions participants. The consequence is that the user will be able to connect to eduroam, and Internet, from any institution adhered, using the same login and password.


UDC users visiting another institution 

Any user of UDC that go to another institution that belong to eduroam, will be able to connect its wifi network. It has to have configured the eduroam SSID. See section of Configure.

To access the eduroam network you must log in with the username and password of the corporate identity manager followed.

It is necessary to take into account the following: if it does not connect to eduroam in UDC, neither will do another institution.

Recommend that it consult in the web of the another institution, the information concerning eduroam. It consult also the pages of the initiative national  and international of eduroam. 

Users from other institutions visiting UDC

University of A Coruña belongs to the initiative eduroam and, therefore, enables them the access to the wifi network to the users of any organisation adhered to the initiative of eduroam, in accordance with its politics of itinerancia and with the norms of use of the network without threads of the University of A Coruña.

  • The user visitor has to employ the SSID eduroam
  • The network wifi of the University of A Coruña employs the following protocols of authentication and of encryption: 802.1X, EAP-TTLS, WPA-TKIP
  • In the section Services, can consult the services that offers them to the users of the wifi network

Before coming to the UDC to use the network without threads, we recommend check if its organization belongs to the eduroam and has configured the service in your portable device.