Offered services

The ​​networking and communication area offers to the university community the following services:
Fixed and mobile telephony:
Data Network
  • Support connection to data nerworks (CAU of SIC)
  • Activation of connection points to the network data and Internet access (form)
  • IP address allocation (form)
  • Internet connection (form)
  • IPv6 connection (form)
  • Activations of advanced services: enliste in DNS, security and filter settings, opening TCP/IP, proxy (form)
  • Wireless network (wifi)
  • Help:
Maintenance in the structured cabling infraestructure (CAU of SIC)
  • Infrastructure fiber optic network
  • Sockets
  • CPDS
  • Connection points voice and data network
  • Support in conducting videoconferencing room (form)
  • Internet retransmission event (streaming)
  • More info
Secure Remote Access by VPN

Application services (except VPN and Videoconferencing): using form

Consultation: email to

Subs and activations: CAU of SIC extension 2222 or by email to