SIC - Área de rede e comunicacións

The Communications Network area of Computing and Communications Services (SIC) is responsible for the management and maintenance of voice and data networks of the UDC.

These functions involve the planning, implementation, management and operational maintenance, aimed at giving users of the university community the resources to ensure the smooth operation of its administrative work, educationals, teachers and research.

Scope activity:

  • Fixed and mobile telephony: activations and extensions support fixed and mobile, as well as the pricing of each
  • Phonebook
  • Communications Infrastructure: Installation, activation and support of connection points to the voice and data networks
  • Network and Internet data: IP address allocation and support TCP / IP
  • Wireless network: management and planification, networking event EDUROAM, captive portal
  • Broadcast media: video H323, H320, multipoint, H239, access grid
  • Secure Remote Access by VPN
  • Building Access Control (planned)
  • Secure Communications: configuring filters, firewall management and security incidents
  • Network Services: DNS, web proxy, reverse proxy, LDAP
  • Transition to IPv6 (link)
  • Connecting to IRIS-NOVA: (Advanced Network for Research Communications Spanish) (link)