María Maril Mosquera

maria_maril_mosqueraDegree in Psychology (UPSA, 2005), Diploma in Advanced Studies of the doctorate program in Cooperation and Social Welfare (UNIOVI, 2009) and Master in International Migrations (UDC, 2011). Among her main highlights research projects, she develops her study of migratory flows and prejudices towards Central American migrants in Mexico, which was made during her stay at the School of Psychology of the Ciénaga University Center (University of Gudalajara). At the Universidade of A Coruña she completes her Master's Thesis on the analysis of the attitudes of Spanish mothers towards the schooling of their children in educational centers with the children of immigrants and other cultural minorities. She is currently a PhD student in the Social Sciences and Behavior Program of the UDC where she is working on her doctoral thesis on multicultural rural enclaves, that is specializing in a case study of the Portuguese Alentejo.íaMaril


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