Academic Organisation Service

The Academic Organisation Service of the University of A Coruña is under the supervision of the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Organisation and has direct responsibility for those academic activities envisaged in chapter I “On teaching and degrees” of title III "On the University activity" of the UDC Statutes.

Some of the main duties include:

  • Student admission.
  • Academic management regulations.
  • Access to second cycles of official degrees.
  • Simultaneity of studies.
  • Free-choice courses regulations.
  • Validation and adaptation of studies, both Spanish and foreign.
  • Adaptation of syllabuses studied by students coming from other Spanish universities.
  • Assessment and certificate regulations.
  • Criteria for the approval of syllabuses.
  • Doctoral studies.
  • Issuing of official degrees.

Service manager: Víctor Manuel Cabrera Sánchez

Rúa da Maestranza, 9
15001 A Coruña

Telephone: 981 167000 - Extensións internas: 2390, 1137, 1128 e 2350
Email :