Office for Gender Equality

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The Office for Gender Equality provides the necessary technical support to achieve the goal of equality between women and men. To this end, it is charged with the following tasks:

  • The development of studies on the situation of gender inequality at the UDC.
  • Ensuring the introduction of the gender perspective in the different fields of knowledge.
  • Encouraging training and research on gender studies in the different scholarly areas.
  • Carrying out information and promotion activities on the issue of gender equality in the university community, as well as in the social and cultural environment.
  • Fostering actions to guarantee egalitarian conditions for the access and promotion of women and men to teaching, research, labour and representative activities at the UDC.
  • Collaborating with Galician, Spanish and international administrations and institutions in the securing of gender equality.
  • Knowing, informing and, if it comes to it, mediating in the possible conflicts over gender discrimination in the academic and labour activities at the UDC.

Director of services: Ana Jesús López Díaz

Edificio de Servicios Administrativos
Campus de Esteiro
15403 Ferrol (A Coruña)
Tel.: +34 981 33 74 00 ext. 3693