Alvarez-Cáccamo, Celso. 1993. “The pigeon house, the octopus and the people: The ideologization of linguistic practices in Galiza”. Plurilinguismes 6, 1-26.

RESUMO / ABSTRACT. “Conversational procedures revealing the discursive construction of language identity are examined in Galician. Three tactics expressing ideological alignments toward standard language and linguistic purity are described: (1) metalinguistic references to language practices (an explanation of one’s verbal behavior through metadiscursive tactics), (2) other language/style repair (a reformulation of others’ speech in Standard Galician), and (3) reported speech (a tactical representation of the speech of others according to typifications about the relationship between the character’s social identity, ideology, and language use).”
Z. Dubiel (Copyright 1995, Sociological Abstracts, Inc.)

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