Alvarez-Cáccamo, Celso & Hubert Knoblauch. 1992. “‘I was calling you’: Communicative patterns in leaving a message on an answering machine”. Text 12(4), 473-505.

RESUMO / ABSTRACT. The analysis of over 300 messages from nine different telephone answering machines yields communicative patterns aimed at solving the three main problems posed by this particular medium: one-sidedness, mediacy, and orality. Specific patterns for opening and closing messages are identified which differ from those of interactive telephone conversations and stress the assessment of social relationships between caller and callee. Dialogicity in messages is accomplished through various prosodic and non-lexical devices which help to enact copresence. Messages left on answering machines constitute a minimal genre. The core of the message consists of ‘because’ and ‘in order to’ motives linking talk anaphorically and/or cataphorically to previous or subsequent actions by callers and/or callees. In a certain way, a given corpus of messages thus ‘documents’ the callee’s social networks. It is suggested that communicative patterns may vary according to differing networks, activities and contexts in which the answering machines are located.

Keywords: telephone messages, mediated communication, genre analysis.

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