Alvarez Cáccamo, Celso. 1989. “Variaçom lingüística e o factor social na Galiza”. Hispanic Linguistics 2(2), 253-298.

ABSTRACT. A panoramic account of linguistic diversity in Galician is offered, through the review of the most salient phenomena of geographic, social, contextual, and interlinguistic variation. Galician is characterized as a natural co-dialect with Portuguese within the Western Romance block. Variation in the reflexes of Lat. -anu, and in the plural of /-l/ and /-<VELAR NASAL>/ words is presented as evidence of significant dialectal fragmentation. Particular emphasis is placed on gheada and sesseo as cases of socio-dialectal variation, on yeísmo, and on the variable realization of /-r/, /-s/ plus article. The question of the standardization of Galician is presented as one of competing norms and models between the ‘reintegrationist’ and ‘isolationist’ approaches. Galician-Spanish hybrid dialects are described structurally and localized socially as the native varieties of urban sectors. Finally, it is suggested that the structural description of variation in the community’s repertoire is only a preliminary step for the understanding of speech diversity in the expression of social and interactional meanings.

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